Corporate Governance

The Board and management team of Link Net believes that good corporate governance is the hallmark of any successful company, and believes that it should be taken very seriously in order to maintain the long term sustainability and security of our business.  Frequent, open and honest communication with our stakeholders will ensure that our business priorities, strategies and long term plans are well understood at all times, and the Company places huge emphasis on developing and implementing best-in-class corporate governance practices.

In line with the Company's commitment to implement corporate governance consistently and persistently, the Company has several supporting policies and framework to provide guidance to the board and all employees.  These include the Company's vision, mission and values, our Corporate Rules, our Guidance on Ethics and Professional Responsibilities, as well as various Standard Operating Procedures across our business units.  At the same time, these policies and framework are constantly being evaluated by the board to ensure that it is aligned with the growth of our business and the developments in the industry we operate in.

To ensure effective implementation of our good corporate governance framework, the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors have established several committees to maintain oversight.  These include a strategic planning committee, compliance and risk management functions, and a unit that oversees and controls the Company's internal affairs.  The Company has also appointed several independent parties to sit on the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors as part of our strategy to ensure effective implementation of governance standards.


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